When it comes to networking in LinkedIn, it is just like in real-world networking: Building your network and nurturing relationships. Before you start connecting with people, make sure your LinkedIn profile is updated. It would help if you assume that people will check out your profile, and with many connections, that’s your first impression. Make sure you have a current, clear photo of yourself, an eye-catching cover photo that contributes to “tell your story,” and a description that is a creative encapsulation of the kind of work you do and related links to the projects that you are most proud of share.


When you’re asking to connect with someone on LinkedIn, it’s easy to use the template the platform provides. But if this person doesn’t know you, it won’t set you apart or give the person a reason to connect with you. Introduce yourself, say something about why would you like to connect (What you bring to the table), and thank them for their time. Don’t forget to add your name, email, and phone number at the end of your message. Tip: If you feel you will have no idea how to write, create your own templates! But don’t forget to personalize them every time you’re going to connect with someone.

Once you do have that connection, make plans to speak via Skype or meet in person. These relationships only have as much value as you put into them.

Connect to people who are suggested by LinkedIn. LinkedIn has an algorithm that helps identify “people you may know.” Review the suggestions and connect as appropriate. Go slow. It may be tempting to send out mass invitations to any and everyone you know. It is crucial to connect carefully and mindfully on LinkedIn. You want to present value to those you are networking with.

If you’re job-hunting, Don’t be afraid of requesting informational interviews and don’t forget to update your skills, job history, and a summary with the words that are important in your industry now. Ask for a brief phone conversation to seek valuable advice. Industry leaders are often willing to do so. And, given that you’ve opened up your profile to recruiters and potential employers, you need to make sure that you’re giving them what they’re searching for in 2019. That means updating your skills, job history, and summary with the words that are important in your industry now.

Ask your co-workers and people that used your product or service for a recommendation. Recommendations show instant credibility.

Join industry-specific LinkedIn Groups and feel free to ask and answer questions. This paints you as an industry expert and brings people to start following you.


Set reminders for yourself to update your profile so that you’re keeping it as fresh as possible. Share updates about your career industry, what are you reading or what are you working on. For example: how your product or service can solve a problem. Or, If you’re in the restaurant business, a photo of a “yummy” dish that will make your connections their mouthwatering!

Offer free product samples and/or software trial. Example: Let’s say you’re working for a B2B company that sells a tailored HR Software for small and medium-sized companies. Don’t you think this is an excellent excuse for you to showcase what are you offering? Yep! It is! It’s time to connect with your “HR Network.” How? Offer them a free trial of your software. Ask them about the struggles they’re facing with their actual HR Procedures. Then request an in-person appointment to discuss these struggles and how your HR Software can solve them – Don’t forget to practice which features you want to showcase the most before your meeting with your potential customer.

Reach out on milestones. Send them best wishes. Keep your message short, but be nice!

Like and comment on LinkedIn posts that you think are valuable, and share the posts with your connections and groups you belong to.

Now you have the primary keys for unlocking the power of networking on LinkedIn, remember to keep authentic and consistent.

Stay tuned for my next blog posts! I want to share with you tips to build your Personal Branding and how to use LinkedIn for your B2B and B2C businesses.

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