Building an engaging Marketing Strategy requires careful planning and research. It is critical that you listen to your audience and understand what they are looking for in order to achieve greater engagement.

According to a recent B2B Content Marketing Report, 77% of the most successful B2B content marketers use personas, compared with 36% of the least successful.

B2B Marketers That Use Personas For Content Marketing Purposes
Source: Content Marketing Institute.

In this post, we’ll look at some effective ways to generate more engagement to your B2B content.

Identify and Understand your Audience. The key is research. Research will help you identify the content that works for your target audience. Listen to your customers, to your sales team, do keyword research, and conduct focus groups.

2019 B2B Marketing Techniques
Source: Content Marketing Institute.

Most B2B Marketers struggle to create engaging content because their customers are not involved in the content creation process. Don’t know where to start? Talk with your loyal customers and gather all the insights.

Each audience is composed of individual people. This is why Buyer Personas are so important. Create your Empathy Map, and then, your Buyer Persona or Target Persona. Here is where all your research will make sense!

Now that you have your Buyer Persona, it’s time to dive into the content creation process!

Blog posts. Content marketing and blog posts are inseparable. They are definitely the primary drivers of traffic. They will impact your SEO positively, and it is an influence on the audience. It makes your brand out to be an industry thought leader. Craft blog posts based on your Buyer Persona’s interests, give them tips about your product or service – How it will improve their lives or job duties. Don’t forget to include special offers, giveaways, and discounts in your B2B content marketing strategy. A call to action like this will encourage them to act and share further.

Don’t forget to optimize your blog posts, images, and landing pages for search engines. If you upload a photo or video to your blog, be sure to include keywords in the file name and fill out the alternate text field with a short, keyword rich description of the photo. Here is a clear example of a terrible name for your file: Cheese-burgerFinal-JAN2019-proof-108454. 

Promote your Social media Content and evaluate your Search Engine Marketing Strategy. Sponsored content on social media and search engine marketing (SEM) are the top two paid methods used. 

types of paid content distribution methods b2b marketers use
Source: Content Marketing Institute.

It is important to understand which platform will work for your brand before you decide how much to spend on implementing B2B marketing ideas. Use your blog posts to craft smart Social Media Marketing posts.

Videos. For businesses that wish to implement videos, they can now do so with great ease! You do not need production equipment that is expensive! I edit videos with Adobe Premiere Pro! It’s a fantastic tool! Use your videos to educate your customers about your product or service. 

Host a Webinar or a Facebook Live Video. Hosting a webinar or a Facebook Live Video helps you build a relationship with anyone who attends, increase leads and your network! You become more than just a piece of content. You become a human that your potential customers trust. 

How B2B Marketers Have Changed Their Use of Content Types Compared With One Year Ago
Source: Content Marketing Institute.

Create a landing page where your customers can download a Guide of your Product or Service. To create an effective guide, it is best to start by understanding what topics your audience wants information on. Use the information you crafted of your Buyer Persona. Creating a guide that will answer their questions is a good way of driving traffic to your site and increase awareness of your brand. Tip: Create a landing page where your potential customers can download the guide. A great Marketing Tactic to generate leads. If they find the landing page contains bullet points or a preview about the guide, they will also choose to sign up to your newsletter to get further information from you.

Case Studies. Case studies can help persuade people who are unsure whether to purchase your product or service. By showing your target audience the results you have produced for others, you will help build their trust in you.

Email Marketing. Anyone who’s signing up for your email list wants to see immediate value. Find a Way Media says many of the top performing email newsletters use that first paragraph to tell a story that makes their business more human and draws subscribers into the email (Emotions! Yep). Once you have their attention, it’s more likely that they’ll keep reading. Via your email content, you can also share new updates or announcements to engage with your subscribers.

Implement these practices in your B2B content marketing strategy as soon as possible, and get ready to see measurable improvement.


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