What People Say About Me

“I have worked closely with Brenda on a variety of projects, and I would highly recommend her for both marketing and social media management. She brings years of experience and knowledge to her work and will work tirelessly to make sure all promotions and events are successful. Brenda has a vibrant personality and wonderful sense of humor that helps those around her feel comfortable and confident in her, I have personally benefited in my professional career from her mentorship. Excellent!”

Ashley Stone

“I had the pleasure of working with Brenda in an up and coming concept. Her passion for her work is second to none. She has an overwhelming desire to please which shows in the work she does. Be it photography, marketing, advertising or social media, Brenda has her finger in the pulse of today’s audience.”

Paul Desseyn

“Brenda’s sense of passion for marketing, graphic designing, photography, and so many other things caused me to be more productive as an individual. When I first started working at Viva Chicken, she always gave me ideas on how to be better. That aspect of her leads to me being more successful in other areas of business. I thought I was out of reach. She is truly a modern-day visionary.”

Joshua Kinchen

“By far the most amazing person I had the opportunity to work with. Her huge heart is only compare to the immense knowledge of marketing. I feel honored to call her my friend and mentor.”

Diana Graham

“I had the pleasure of working with Brenda at Viva Chicken. Always a strong worker and going the extra mile to get the job done. Her position with us was very demanding, and she always rose to the occasion.”

David Sullivan